OBS: Nyhet! Nord Universitet tilbyr høsten 2022 gratis, digitalt (dvs. streamingbasert) masterkurs i bærekraftsrapportering, åpent også som enkeltemne for ikke-studenter. Jeg (Even Fallan) foreleser emnet. Søknadsfrist er 1. juli 2022. Les mer  om kurset på min hjemmeside her eller på Nord Universitets hjemmeside her.

Mvh Even Fallan



My professional interests are tax-, environmental/CSR/sustainability- and financial accounting.

Through my firm, I sell services concerning:

  • Consultancy for public and private sector enterprises on
    • how to improve their sustainability reporting,
    • compliance with current and upcoming sustainability reporting regulations and standards,
    • relevant scope when hiring assurance services;
  • Give lectures on environmental/CSR/sustainability reporting for various audiences
  • Teaching and supervision at universities:
    • Teach tax law for business and accounting students and real-estate agent students. (I have a text book on tax law “Innføring i skatterett”. It was first published in 1980 by my father, Lars Fallan, and a new edition is available each year to be up to date.)
    • Teach tax behaviour courses on master level
    • Teach environmental/CSR/sustainability reporting, from an accounting perspective, for various types of students
    • I supervise PhD, master and bachelor theses on issues concerning financial-, tax- and environmental/CSR/sustainability accounting.
  • Research
    • I do research within the positive accounting research tradition: empirical studies of corporate and personal behaviour concerning the above mentioned accounting issues. A list of publications is available on this homepage.
  • I also write text books on tax law and (forthcoming) environmental/CSR/sustainability reporting.

My experience on environmental/CSR/sustainability reporting goes back over 20 years, ever since I wrote my master thesis on environmental accounting at NHH in the 1990s. I hold a PhD in environmental/CSR/sustainability reporting from Copenhagen Business School, and have published various research papers on reporting practices, reporting regulations and use of environmental/CSR/sustainability reporting. Over the years I have given advice to several companies on environmental reporting, and I have analytically asessed the reporting of thousands of enterprises/enterprise years for research, teaching or consultancy purposes.

While Norway was at the international forefront on both environmental reporting practices and regulations in the 1980s and -90s, this is not the case anymore. The general, current reporting practices and regulations (incl. enforcement) are not able to ensure provision of useful environmental/CSR/sustainability accounting information for resource allocation and accountability/stewardship purposes (the main demand objectives of accounting). However, material improvements of reporting quality may easily be achieved by most organisations. It becomes necessary to do so as well, because of upcoming EU (and hence Norwegian) regulations on reporting, assurance, skills and enforcement, new international and Nordic accounting standards, public sector and B2B procurement requirements, and massive focus on climate change, UN development goals etc.

If you want to get in touch to discuss assignments concerning sustainability reporting consultancy, teaching, supervision and more, my email is: even.fallan[at]pm.me and my phone number is available at 1881.no/180.no.

Even Fallan


Residence: Trondheim


  • Copenhagen Business School (CBS): PhD
  • Norwegian School of Economics (NHH): MBA
  • Trondheim Business School (TØH, currently: NTNU Business School)

Work experience—universities (academic staff and/or lecturer):

  • Currently:
    • Nord University
    • University of South-Eastern Norway (USN)
    • NMBU (Norwegian University of Life Sciences)
    • Østfold University College
    • Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (HiNN)
  • Previously:
    • Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (HiNN) (7 years)
    • Trondheim Business School (TØH) (4 years)
    • Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) (2 years)
    • Others (alphabetically): NTNU, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL)

Work experience—public administration:

  • Previously:
    • The Norwegian Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs (4 years)
      • Incl. Nordic Council of Ministers
    • Norwegian Academy of Music

Work experience—private sector, for profit (alphabetically):

  • Currently:
    • My own firm (consulting services)
    • Gyldendal Akademisk (publisher of my textbook “Innføring i skatterett”)
    • Grant from “Det faglitterære fond” (writing a textbook on sustainability accounting: “Innføring i bærekraftsrapportering”)
  • Previously:
    • KPMG AS (4 years)
    • Others (alphabetically): AS Auditorium (Rockefeller og John Dee scener), Basale AS, F-Consult AS, Fesil ASA / Ila og Lilleby Smelteverk AS, TV2

Work experience—private sector, not for profit (NGOs etc.) (alphabetically):

  • Previously:
    • Bergen Realistforening (2 years)
    • Det Akademiske Kvarter (1 year)
    • Trondheim Underground Radio (internet radio that started in 2001) (4 years)

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